18 Oct 2012

We’re on the move!


The Newcastle Science City and Science Central teams are on the move.

We are upping sticks and leaving behind our old address at Citywall, St James’ Boulevard on Friday this week (October 19) to set up a new office at Newcastle University’s Devonshire Building on Devonshire Terrace.

We’ll have no access to emails or phones that day but from Monday, October 22 we’ll be fully up and running again. Our telephone numbers will change – though our email addresses will remain the same.

Below is a full list of our teams, along with their roles, new direct telephone numbers and a reminder of our emails. We very much look forward to continuing to work with you.

Newcastle Science City

Andrew Young, director, tel: 0191 208 4122, andrew.young@newcastlesciencecity.com  

Julie Henderson, personal assistant to directors, tel: 0191 208 4118, julie.henderson@newcastlesciencecity.com  

Estelle Blanks, new business and investment director, tel: 0191 208 4119, Estelle.blanks@newcastlesciencecity.com

Simon Green, head of business support, tel: 0191 2084117, simon.green@newcastlesciencecity.com

Stuart Jackson, EEN project manager, tel: 0191 208 4113, stuart.jackson@newcastlesciencecity.com  

Ben Fisher, inward investment life sciences manager, tel: 0191 208 4115, ben.fisher@newcastlesciencecity.com  

Matt Hindhaugh, business mentor, tel: 0191 208 4112, matt.hindhaugh@newcastlesciencecity.com

Karen Marshall, education and skills manager, tel: 0191 2084116, karen.marshall@newcastlesciencecity.com  

Helen McLoughlin, head of marketing and communication, tel: 0191 208 4121, helen.mcloughlin@newcastlesciencecity.com  

Laura White, PR and communications adviser, tel: 0191 208 4120, laura.white@newcastlesciencecity.com

Norma Hope, finance manager, tel; 0191 208 4127, norma.hope@newcastlesciencecity.com

Emma Shorman, performance manager, tel: 0191 208 4123, emma.shorman@newcastlesciencecity.com  

Science Central

Colin MacPherson, development director, tel: 0191 208 4129, colinmacpherson@newcastlesciencecentral.com  

Andrea Charlton, PA/office manager, tel: 0191 208 4130, andreacharlton@newcastlesciencecentral.com

James Adshead, senior project manager, tel: 0191 208 4126, jamesadshead@newcastlesciencecentral.com

Clair Battersby, project manager, tel: 0191 208 4110, clairbattersby@newcastlesciencecentral.com

Andrew Phillips, project manager, tel: 1091 208 4125, andrewphillips@newcastlesciencecentral.com






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