Newcastle Science City announces school photo winners

Over the last month young people from all over Tyne and Wear have been taking an extra special interest in their environment as part of the Newcastle Science City schools ‘Science and Nature’ photo competition.

The competition winners were announced and presented with their prizes at the Scientia 08 conference at St James Park, in front of all Newcastle’s leading scientists.

There were two main winners, one in the younger primary age group and one in the older section. The older section winner was Eilis Garvey from Sacred Heart High School, with a photo of trees in Autumn and in the younger section it was Jacob Daglish from Ravenswood Primary School, who photographed shadows. They each received a Samsung camera worth £140 and will get a trip to the International Centre for Life’s Lifelab for their whole class.

The eight lucky runners up were Abbie Bell, Levi Croom, Callum Whitehall, Daniel Strong, Nicolas Bryne, Oliver Wild, Adam Bell and Fergus Haswell, who got Samsung cameras worth £80 each and all 10 winners received a framed print of their own photo.

The aim of the competition was to make students really think about science outside in the natural world and realise how it is all around them, not just in a laboratory, as well as having fun with photography.

The competition was judged by photographer Roger Coulam, Anne Davies, senior science education consultant from Newcastle City Council and Peter Arnold, chief executive, Newcastle Science City. He said: “We had a really high standard of entries but the winning photographs were all exceptional in terms of the image and the science.

“All of the entrants have really got to grips with looking closely at their chosen part of nature. It has certainly made me look at aspects of our own environment in a different light. Everyone who has entered has taken a photo which encourages you to have a renewed sense of wonder at our natural world.”

The Samsung camera prizes have been part-sponsored by Micro Anvika at Fenwick (2nd floor).