Inkspot Workshop – Helping businesses collaborate more effectively

Newcastle University Business School, City Gate

Your opportunity to qualify for bespoke business support and a free subscription to Inkspot worth £300.

Inkspot is based in North East England and has developed a web-based plat­form upon which innovative companies can analyse data, run workflows, share their work with selected individuals and groups and do research, devel­opment and science faster, more cheaply, more efficiently and effectively. This free workshop, kindly hosted at Newcastle University Business School and in partnership with Newcastle Science City, will be highly interactive, pro­viding a demonstration of the Inkspot platform and information about how it can best be used to support your specific business.

Workshops are being held on both the 23rd and 24th September 17:30-21:00 

For further information or to request a place at the workshop(s) for yourself or your technical team, please contact Joanna Berry on [email protected] or call her on 07875 541 180. You will be sent a venue map, more details about the workshop and pre-workshop questionnaire. Please ensure that you fill this questionnaire in and return it prior to the event. This will ensure that we can help you use the platform as effectively as possible.

What benefits does Inkspot provide?

Access to a library of sophisticated analytical software

Innovative workflow tools to automate data processing and analysis

State of the art collaborative tools to allow projects teams to share data

What will you take away?

Qualifying attendees will be provided with a year’s free subscription to Inkspot valued at £300.

In addition, selected companies may benefit from a further two or, in some cases, four free days of more personalised assistance from the Inkspot team to help with particularly complex collaboration.