Research proves incredible potential of North East innovation

A Newcastle company at the forefront of the global digital technology sector is preparing for the take off of its product after new research proved its effectiveness.


Adtronik, a Newcastle Science City business start-up which launched in June last year, is the first digital advertising company in the UK to specialise in in-image advertising and one of only a few using this technology in the world.


Now, thanks to research carried out by students at Newcastle and Northumbria universities, Adtronik has gathered evidence to prove its innovative use of images for online advertising compares better than more traditional and established internet advertising techniques when it comes to brand awareness. Its research showed ‘top of mind awareness’ increased by 600 percent, when using in-image advertising compared to other methods.


Adtronik works by monetising the billions of images online. By putting contextually relevant adverts on these images publishers can earn incremental revenue from their existing images and advertisers can advertise on the most attractive part of the page – the image.


For example, Adtronik technology can be used to recognise the photo of the Eiffel Tower accompanying a travel blog on a trip to Paris and to prompt a subtle advert for a travel package to the city.


The company already has a number of clients signed up in the travel sector – one of the most promising markets due to its use of imagery to encourage purchases online.


And the results of this market research will prove crucial reading to further potential customers said Adtronik founder Pradeep Raman.


He said: “In-image advertising is a brand new method of advertising and we needed to build a firm business case for our customer base to prove its worth.


“The results gathered prove the phenomenal commercial potential of the product and we are incredibly excited to present our findings the advertising industry and to developing this exciting new product.”


The market research established that in-image advertising was the best way of achieving brand awareness when compared with other types of online advertising – resulting in maximum brand recall and top of mind awareness, but also proving the most preferred and memorable ads. 


Adtronik was born out of the Newcastle Innovation Machine (NIM), a unique business creation concept developed by Newcastle Science City, where its founder Pradeep is an innovation manager. Pradeep, who is an Indian-born Kiwi entrepreneur, previously launched, built and sold two internet companies in New Zealand relating to webhosting services and online recruitment.


Peter Arnold chief executive at Newcastle Science City said: “Adtronik is a prime example of the ground-breaking technology that is being developed in the city. The company is taking a lead on innovation within the online advertising industry and this new research could see it on the brink of significant commercial success.”