Building corporate entrepreneurship

Newcastle University Business School is inviting senior representatives of the North East business community to take part in its contribution to Global Entrepreneurship Week (, ‘Building Corporate Entrepreneurship’.

Taking place on the afternoon of 16 November, this inaugural event in the Business School’s quarterly ‘New Perspectives’ series is aimed at senior managers and owners of businesses seeking to grow or enhance entrepreneurial capability in their organisations. It is free to attend for a limited and targeted senior business audience.

The event will offer valuable insight into some of the research and practical techniques being used to measure and develop entrepreneurship within organisations. The event has three value-adding components:

  • Interacting with experienced consultants and organisational leaders
  • Exclusive access to two diagnostic tools (free to all participants)
  • Dialogue around the diagnostic feedback with the developers

Facilitated by leaders in the field of entrepreneurship, the event includes a compelling case study from Lloyds Banking Group, which drives corporate entrepreneurship through a cross-portfolio innovation group.

For further information and to register, please visit the website:  Or talk to the Business School on Twitter: @NUBizSchool