New way of working to tackle age old issues

Our work in the community is all about ensuring local people benefit from the world-class scientific research and industry that’s going on around us in the city’s state-of-the-art facilities, universities and innovative companies.

Encouraging results from our recent Science in the City survey show residents are becoming more likely to get involved in the study of science – a crucial step forward in the drive to nurture home-grown talent to further the scientific success of the city.

A series of major new projects launched recently by the Newcastle Science City community engagement team aims to build on this interest and enthusiasm by bringing scientists together with community organisations and charities to tackle local issues relating to ageing and sustainability, while improving skills.

By injecting an element of scientific know-how into societal problems traditionally tackled by the third sector, we aim to ensure the ground-breaking discoveries being made in our universities are benefiting people living on the doorstep by being delivered by those who best understand our communities.

A few of the wide-ranging issues being tackled by the 12 collaborations of scientists and community groups include: training unemployed technicians to work in the emerging microgeneration technologies sector; using digital technology to address social exclusion of the elderly; and developing cancer screening programmes in areas of deprivation.

Through these innovative projects we aim to get 1,160 Newcastle residents involved with science, assist 168 people with their skills levels and personal development and help 92 people to get a job, while bringing about many other significant and positive impacts on our communities.

By working with the third sector in this way, we are ensuring the organisations best placed within our communities can reach those who would benefit most from Newcastle’s scientific strengths and spread the message of the opportunities available to residents.