European networks for businesses – June 18th-20th

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18th June 2012 – 20th June 2012
8:30am – 11:00am
Newcastle City Library
Newcastle upon Tyne

European networks for businesses –  June 18th-20th (three events)

Is your business made to be international? Why not? 

Business in the current climate is tough. Budgets are constrained but the need to innovate and collaborate is greater than ever. The IT revolution is making communication cheaper, easier and more global than ever before. Also the business regulatory environment is more supranational or global. These trends are making an international focus more relevant for all businesses.

Harnessing your networks to go international

Businesses need their networks to work for them. If you’re a small business or even a large one you need to know what networks are out there, how to access them, how to harness them and how to operative effectively internationally.

Participants will:

learn to uncover hidden networks abroad (trade associations, technology platforms, clusters, best practice, online networks)

learn to uncover local networks including real examples from industry/academia

learn how to identify your networks

learn how to harness your networks at low cost

receive a ten-step checklist for your company’s to-do list


Stuart Jackson, from Enterprise Europe Network, is a Brussels-expert and has experience working for European trade associations, lobby groups and public sector representative bodies. He will showcase the various types of networks that are at the heart of the Brussels decision-making bubble and provide you with tips and tools to get the most out of them.

Three events:

European networks for healthy ageing businesses –  18th June

This event is for businesses with products and services that are addressing age-related issues from health, to social care, to remote monitoring, prosthetics etc.

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European networks for sustainability businesses – 19th June

This event is for businesses with products and services that are addressing carbon footprint issues from renewable energy, industrial symbiosis, sustainable processes, transport management.

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European networks for businesses in medicine – 20th June

This event is for businesses with products and services that are in medicine and healthcare.

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