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Newcastle 15 year old starts school Eco Club

Fifteen year old Kate O’Brien from Sacred Heart RC High School in Newcastle is an ambitious eco-warrior who has started a school club to encourage her fellow pupils to help combat climate change with practical ideas.

Kate’s aim is to get the whole school to think about the environment and what they can do to help as she says there is only so much you can do at home, as it is on a small scale, compared to a large senior school. 

Her ‘Eco Club’ is going to start with small and easily manageable projects such as encouraging the school to do more recycling of cans as well as paper.  She also wants to explore getting exercise books from recycled paper and ensuring computer monitors are turned off promptly.

Kate said: “We had an initial meeting two weeks ago and 20 pupils from 7 years upwards came to give me their views.  There was such enthusiasm we met again on 2 May to develop our plans more fully and got over 30 people.  I think it would be great if we could do things such as have a school vegetable plot and learn about composting.  Who knows, in the future, if this club really takes off, we could explore generating all of our own electricity!”

Scared Heart RC High School is playing an active part in Newcastle Science City’s campaign to get more pupils interested in science and science careers.

Sarah Stewart, director, Newcastle Science City said: “Kate obviously has great enthusiasm for science and her school must be really proud of her drive and determination to improve and protect the environment.  She is a perfect example of a pupil who sees the potential of science to instigate change for the better and I wish her and her fellow Eco-warriors every success.”

Head of Science at Sacred Heart RC High School, Les Lambert said: “Kate’s enthusiasm is infectious and she has got a dedicated group of girls who are keen to make a difference.  We are hoping to really get this club up and running next year with our new year 7’s and ultimately to attain Eco-School status.  This is a brilliant project to help enrich our curriculum.”

Kate has been on work experience at Northumberland Wildlife Trust and would like to work in that field when she finishes her studies.

Dated: 09/05/2008

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