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Science on the shopping list at Gateshead MetroCentre

Shoppers at Gateshead’s MetroCentre enjoyed a science lesson with their day out as part of Science and Engineering Week.

Over 17 different organisations and 230 primary and secondary schoolchildren took part in the science in the malls day which was arranged by The Thomas Hepburn Community School to encourage more people to become interested in science.

Various schools put on scientific displays and experiments to showcase their own projects including models of the planets and solar systems and a chance to look at a live sea creatures and the consistency of frozen daffodils.

Ian Tempest, deputy head, The Thomas Hepburn Community School, said: “This was the fifth year we have organised a science day in the MetroCentre and this year was bigger than ever.  We hold the event to raise the profile of science in the community in an interesting and interactive way and showcase interesting scientific experiments.”

Peter Arnold, chief executive, Newcastle Science City who visited the science day said: “The children and teachers really brought science to life at the MetroCentre and were so enthusiastic about it.  Everyone involved with the day had obviously put a great deal of effort into their own displays and hands-on activities.  There is no doubt, people visiting the displays would be inspired to find out more about science.”

Among the experiments were a challenge to make foam sculptures and build a tower 30 cm high without it collapsing which taught people about surface tension and the way detergent changes liquid.

There was also a display where students had investigated sportswear that could be suitable for the Olympic 2012 team and what materials absorbed water, the texture for sportswear and a fabrics stretchability.

Dated: 18/03/2009

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