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Science City photo winner’s big day

Seven year old Jacob Daglish took 31 of his schoolmates for a free trip to the International Centre for Life as part of his first prize in a Newcastle Science City schools’ photo competition.

The pupils from Ravenswood Primary School, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne started their big day out with a ‘rubbish’ rocket-making workshop.  They all made their own rocket out of paper and launched them to see whose creation went the furthest and Jacob was one of the winners for that as well!

After the rocket lab Jacob and his schoolfriends enjoyed the motion ride, a show about fire and a great chance to explore the whole attraction from dressing up in desert clothes to experimenting with light and sound.

Jacob said: “I had a great day.  I would like to come every day instead of going to school!  The bit I liked best was the motion ride, it was really good.”

Newcastle Science City organised the photo competition in Autumn last year to encourage pupils to see that science was all around them and not just in a laboratory.

Peter Arnold, chief executive, Newcastle Science City said: “I am delighted Jacob had such as good time at the International Centre for Life.  It is really important we encourage students like him to experience all different types of science so they realise how exciting it can be and want to work in that field.”

Newcastle Science City is currently organising a film-making competition for schools, where students can make a short, two and a half minute film about anything to do with science.  The prize is a VIP screening of the film at the Tyneside Cinema in July

Dated: 09/03/2009

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