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Hands-on school science club a big hit for pupils and parents

Some very grown up pupils attended a science class at St Cuthberts RC High School in Newcastle, when students and their parents were invited to investigate the history of medicine and dissect a pig’s heart, side by side.

This was the sixth science evening held at the school to help parents support their children learning about science and to raise public awareness of the subject as part of Newcastle Science City’s education programme.

Around 30 people attended the event which was open to the primary school pupils who will be going to St Cuthberts as well as their own students.

Dr Terry Harbinson, Head of Science said: “We have been running this science programme since September and are delighted with the response to it.  Our aim was to raise awareness among our local community about the important, exciting, innovative and sometimes controversial world of science so they can ask informed questions about scientific issues.  They have grasped the chance to do this with both hands and shown clearly their enthusiasm for learning. ”

Sarah Stewart, director, Newcastle Science City said: “This inspirational project is exactly what we hoped would come out of our education strategy.  St Cuthberts School’s teachers are making science accessible to people of all different types of abilities and ages and letting them see how exciting and thought-provoking it can be.”

Brenda Edwards son Matthew goes to the school and he goes to the club with her younger son Nicholas as well.  She said: “We love coming to the club. It is a really stimulating evening and it is interesting to see what they are doing in their lessons.  I think it also good for children’s self-esteem as they know more than us!”

The science evening started with a debate on the history of medicine and the influence of science and superstition and ended with dissection of a pig’s heart.   Future sessions in coming weeks will include how to make rockets and work around the school’s ecology project.

Further information is available from Dr Harbinson or Miss J Bond on tel: 0191 274 4510.

Dated: 16/05/2008

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