Not all money is created equal

BY Simon Green 28 Jan 2015

I work with many companies who are seeking investment to develop a product, access a market or grow their business. Despite the talk of a lack of available finance since 2008, it’s still possible for  businesses with good ideas and

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Use marketing effectively to avoid business failure

BY Melanie Hill 17 Dec 2014

The famous social ecologist Peter Drucker once said:  “Because the purpose of business is to create and keep customers, it has only two central functions, marketing and innovation.  The basic function of marketing is to attract and retain customers at

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What does it take to be a successful young entrepreneur?

BY Charlie Wainwright 9 Dec 2014

What makes young people decide they want to take responsibility for their own destiny rather than become a corporate employee? What qualities and beliefs do these young people possess that encourages them to enter this challenging, yet potentially very fulfilling

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The ‘it takes two’ approach to innovation

BY Simon Green 27 Nov 2014

I was recently involved in a North East Chamber of Commerce focus group on innovation. The Chamber is running a series of sessions for members to talk about innovation in the region, what works and what doesn’t. They plan to

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Lean innovation - it’s all about how our brains work

BY Mike Addison 22 Sep 2014

I’ve just finished reading a fascinating book called ‘Moral Tribes’ by Joshua Greene. It’s all about how our brains work in two different ways when we form moral judgements. The first is a fast, ‘automatic’ emotional or intuitive mode. The

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Digital Government – an opportunity for the North East

BY Chi Onwurah 16 Sep 2014

As Shadow Minister for Digital Government I’ve been leading Labour’s Digital Government Review. During our three month consultation we received a wide range of contributions by email, through our website[1] or our Tell Your Story survey, or one of the

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The value of ideas

BY Alex Shiel 15 Aug 2014

The enterprises, individuals and organisations which come under the Newcastle Science City banner are an impressively diverse bunch, but all have at least one thing in common – they are all built on the value of ideas. Recognising, protecting and

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A common language for innovation

BY Glen Kemp 30 Jun 2014

Policymakers place great emphasis on innovation as the way for companies, and the economy, to grow and thrive. Indeed, innovation has become a sort of catch all term for ‘improvement’. But without at least a common understanding of what we all

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