Building The Partnership

The ‘Building the Partnership’ activity will bring together all Newcastle Science City projects and manage and promote them in a coherent manner. “Newcastle Science City” has the ambition to be a cohesive science strategy for Newcastle designed to enhance prosperity from science in Newcastle.

The overall aim of this project will be to create economic and social added-value for Newcastle and the city-region through a solid approach to partnership and portfolio management that allows a high level of conversion rate from projects to the delivery of the programme vision and ambitious targets.

The project will focus on extending and building the Newcastle Science City partnership working towards “science citizenship” in Newcastle. Owing to the expertise of its staff, the project will play an important role – currently not being fulfilled in the city – to link and network people and organisations in order to deliver bigger and better integrated activities. Thus the project will develop a co-ordinated strategy for global competitiveness in Newcastle. This will be achieved through a carefully devised portfolio management approach. For example, projects such as BioHub (and many others) will be developed in partnership with all stakeholders to ensure the project can contribute to the delivery of the NSC vision.

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