Case studies

Every1 Limited


The company

Newcastle software publishing company Every1 Ltd has created an interactive website technology that encourages students to get more involved, through an online forum, in decisions affecting their schools and the education they receive.

Unmet need

With backgrounds in education and entrepreneurship, Every1 Ltd founders Peter Hirst and Jeremiah Alexander identified an unmet need which showed that young people could benefit from interactive technology which mirrors the way in which they regularly communicate, whilst in turn helps them to develop new skills in making their opinions known and voicing their ideas or concerns effectively.

The solution

To address this need, the entrepreneurs devised an animated product, Every1Speaks, which captures students’ views, using images to engage them and encourage communication through the online forum.

The interactive technology helps break down barriers between students and a school’s decision making staff, enabling a more open and inclusive environment to develop and greater exchange of ideas and opinions to take place.

The system has the potential to be adapted to the needs of other types of organisations to assist with communications issues and can be used in a variety of environments.

NCS support and outcome

Newcastle Science City secured the services of a digital communications and software development firm, 13 Strides, to prepare a back-end system to support the animation technology designed by Jeremiah.

In addition, Every1 Ltd was given business development advice and financial assistance by NSC, and help with legal issues.

Marketing support included the production of materials for attendance at a regional trade fair, which has helped the company secure 10 schools to pilot the product from as far afield as Canada and New Zealand, as well as from within the North East.

“We have a good product behind us and our aim has been to have 100 schools using Every1Speaks within our first six months,” said Peter. “We have got off to a great start, but that wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent support of Newcastle Science City.”