Case studies



The company

Adtronik was launched in Benton Newcastle Business Village in July 2010 by entrepreneurs Pradeep Raman and Dharshana Ratnayake to provide an online advertising network which places adverts within images on business websites.

Images are usually the most attention grabbing areas of a website. Placing adverts in this way ensures much higher levels of response.

The unmet need

Smaller businesses cannot afford costly ‘click through’ charges for adverts on major networks such as Google and needed a cheaper form of online advertising.

The solution

Pradeep and Dharshana decided to create a business offering a less expensive and more effective service – one that would be able to overcome the ‘blindness’ viewers of websites have to banner-type adverts.

NSC support and outcome

The partners designed a software system that enables adverts to be displayed on website images, and Pradeep joined Newcastle Science City as an innovation manager to develop ideas for the business.

Working within NSC’s Newcastle Innovation Machine he was given general business and marketing advice, and received helped in identifying suitable premises for Adtronik as well as other useful contacts.

The business also accessed financial backing from the NSC fund established to support the development of new high growth science-based companies.

“We are the first UK and European company to offer this particular type of online advertising network,” explained Pradeep. “In fact we compete against only three other companies worldwide.

“The online advertising industry is growing very fast. The niche area we are within is relatively untapped and there is a big demand for a lower cost network like ours.”