Case studies

Specialist baby unit leads the way


Imagine not being able to pick up your crying baby until you have scrubbed your hands clean for three minutes and put on a protective gown. For a small number of parents, that’s the reality of their lives because their children are highly vulnerable to infection.

Helping them is the Bubble Foundation, a specialist unit for children with a rare, inherited condition, which means they are born without an immune system.

A team of dedicated professionals in Newcastle has developed an international reputation for the way they care for children with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or SCID. The only way of keeping the children safe from those infections is to care for them in a sterile bubble, which is what happens at the unit in Newcastle General Hospital. But not only is the team constantly improving the way they care for such children, it is also conducting extensive research into the causes and treatments of SCID.

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