Case studies

New Gene uses new technology in groundbreaking medical testing


NewGene a joint venture between Newcastle Hospitals and Newcastle University is using the very latest gene-sequencing technologies,  to bring down the cost of genetic testing for diseases such as breast cancer and leukaemia and so increase their availability to patients and the public.

David Huntley, NewGene’s chief executive, said, “While the technology available to the company is vitally important, our principal asset is the clinical and genetic expertise of our staff. Headed up by our scientific director, Dr Ann Curtis, the NewGene team has vast experience and clinical expertise in the fields of genetics and molecular biology.”

Over the past 20 years the number of diseases that have been linked to genetic mutations has increased many times over. This increase in demand is stretching the NHS service and this is where NewGene comes in.

The new low cost technology offered by NewGene has the potential to significantly reduce costs to the NHS whilst at the same time increasing testing capacity, enabling more patients to be seen and substantially reducing waiting times for test results.