Case studies



Newcastle University has an ambition to become the leading transport technology research university in Europe through the transportNewcastle network.

One project, a lightweight train cab that the NewRail research team has developed in partnership with global train manufacturer Bombardier and composite maker AP&M, and with support from the EU, is helping to transform the way trains could be made in future.

Using a special composite made of fibre glass and reinforced plastic, the ‘Crashworthy’ cab is comparable in strength to steel. But being lighter it is more fuel efficient.

This fuel saving puts the project in tune with Newcastle Science City’s drive to encourage more sustainable energy use, says Dr Joe Carruthers, Vehicles Group Manager at NewRail.

Groups of researchers are involved in technology development in greener and safer transport in a number of areas.

These include marine, railways, electric vehicles and ‘intelligent’ systems, which use internet technologies to boost efficiency and enable inter-connected operations across different kinds of transport networks.

The work builds upon Newcastle’s innovative history in the development of the railway, the city being home to George Stephenson who built the world’s first passenger locomotive in the early 19th century.