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Newcastle University & Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Joint Research Office reaps benefits


Newcastle University is leading the world with a process which tests the effectiveness of drugs used to prevent cancer cells regenerating themselves after treatment to eradicate them.

Pharmaceutical companies worldwide are making use of the process developed by Professor Nicola Curtin and her research team at the renowned Northern Institute for Cancer Research.

A wide range of consultancy is now carried out across the Medical School and other university departments in partnership with Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. This involves everything from product development and technology feasibility studies to student placements and research activities with industry.

The close partnership has led to the setting up of a Joint Research Office. This is staffed by both university and NHS staff and facilitates collaborative research and consultancy projects.

Business Development Manager Graeme Young and his colleagues in the university’s Business Development Directorate say there is enormous potential in extending consultancy activity.

It has become a crucial factor in the increasingly sharp business focus of the university. A rich source of work stems from the contacts academic staff like Professor Curtin build up with businesses.

 “We have had some multi-million pound projects in parts of the university which have funded entire centres on the back of commercial work,” said Graeme. “There are dozens of projects and huge opportunities for many more.”