Community Engagement

The Community Engagement project will raise awareness of science and new technologies across Newcastle ensuring that local communities are effectively informed and involved in in what makes Newcastle a Science City, and can ultimately benefit from the range of socio-economic opportunities it will provide.

The core strand of this city-wide programme will be delivered by Newcastle City Voluntary Services (NCVS) and New Deal for Communities (NDC), acting as “brokers” between voluntary and community groups, local communities and the science-related institutions to kick start bottom-up collaborative work.

Core Strand
NDC will deliver a range of community-based interventions, projects, workshops and events to enthuse and excite participants to engage with science and its every day application. NDC will employ a Community Science Manager and 3 Newcastle residents from West, East and North West of the city, to act as Community Science Development Workers. They will develop community participation, engaging with neighbourhoods and communities, with a focus on disadvantaged ones, developing a broad range of science themed projects addressing local issues. There will be opportunities to form collaborations between communities and scientists, linking with the work of the Newcastle Science City’s four science themes.

NCVS will employ a Policy officer and an Information Officer to provide support across the city, for example to set up networks, inform and consult them, and help develop activities in collaboration with NDC.  Funds have been earmarked to deliver activities that will emerge from the community engagement work from 2010 onwards.

The employability strand will develop a better understanding of the training, learning and employment opportunities that exist in the science sector within the Tyne and Wear Travel to Work area. This activity will build relationships with potential employers and show routes to work for the unemployed. Newcastle Futures, the city-wide employability agency, will employ two people and use their extensive network of partner organisations to co-ordinate this strand.

Science Information Tools and Resources
A range of materials will be produce, some of which will be designed by local communities themselves. A variety of community venues including community centres, libraries, parks and schools will be used to host workshops, mini-festivals and exhibitions. This work will be carried out jointly by NCVS, NDC and Newcastle Science City.

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