Following the appointment of Dr Peter Arnold as Chief Executive in June 2008, five programmes of work are now being developed. These are:

  • Building the Partnership: extending the partnership beyond the three founding partners, and to explore beneficial collaborative networks.
  • Creating more high growth science based businesses through the Newcastle Innovation Machine which will focus on insight-led innovation.
  • Developing a unique 19 acre Science Central mixed-use development for a science community within the city centre of Newcastle
  • Creating new science based businesses from the new science breakthroughs.
  • Education and Community Engagement to develop awareness of future skills and careers opportunities in science, to a wide range of individuals across the city.

A specific company is now being set up to coordinate and promote the wealth of new science opportunity to potential collaborators around the world, and to deliver a number of ambitious objectives. The new company will be established on the 1 April 2009, and a dedicated team is now being recruited in order to make it happen.

The role and function of the company is to understand and work with the science market place in Newcastle and the region, to add-value to the science citizens’ existing experiences. By definition, the role of the company will be to complement existing activities.

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