Professors of Practice

What is a Professor of Practice?

Over the past decade, the title “Professor of Practice” has been adopted at a number of leading research universities.

American universities are using Professors of Practice to further enhance the quality of teaching and put ‘real world’ practitioners in front of students. The Professors of Practice are also seen as an efficient bridge between the university and the industrial world giving access to talents for companies and placement opportunities for students.

But for Newcastle Science City, the Professor of Practice concept has been taken to a new level.

They are scientist entrepreneurs with strong academic credentials and research interests. Therefore, the research as well as technology transfer capabilities of the university can be strengthened by this new professorial role. A professor of practice integrates business and academic roles and collapses the university-industry divide, turning a conflict of interest into a confluence of interest. They are employed part-time hence allowing them to maintain dual careers in business and academia. As agents of change, the Professors of Practice will foster new industrial networks, develop translational research programmes, identify commercialisation opportunities and act as a role model for staff and students.

The Professors of Practice have been appointed in the University’s strategic research fields in science and technology and are hosted by the Business School. They are working very closely with the scientists, Business School faculties and Newcastle Science City to develop new commercialisation opportunities for the University.

The appointment of the Professors of Practice represents a key milestone in the transformation of Newcastle University which will lead to a culture that not only encourages but actually rewards academic entrepreneurs.

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