Scientia 08

Over 170 of Newcastle’s leading scientists attended the inaugural Scientia08 science conference on 13th November at St James Park.

Organised by Newcastle Science City, the aim of the conference was to create a unique ‘technology map’ of the city’s science to promote it around the world to help attract investment and enable scientists to develop beneficial local networks.

Peter Arnold, chief executive, Newcastle Science City said: “As well as hearing inspiring speakers, we held really productive workshops to collect data for a detailed catalogue of all the science and innovation in Newcastle and to identify what is planned in the future. This unique book will let major companies see at a glance what is ‘for sale’ here and what it will do for society, so they can also see potential markets.”

The audience included pre-eminent members of Newcastle’s research institutes and scientific businesses, many of whom produce ground-breaking findings and leading products. They represented work by Northumbria University, Newcastle College, the NHS Health Trust, Newcastle University, One NorthEast and Newcastle Council as well as the private sector. Discussions at the day’s workshops also focussed on scientific issues from coal gasification to healthcare devices to diagnose life threatening diseases.

Guests heard from inspiring speakers including one of the world’s most prolific inventors Anne Miller from the Creativity Partnership, who has 39 patents to her name.

Peter Arnold said: “This conference was a fantastic opportunity for us to all to map out Newcastle’s science and see for the first time how innovative and pioneering our scientists are right on our doorstep. What it also achieved was that it helped us to explore how we can build on this great base and encourage everyone to become even more successful through collaboration.”

As well as Anne Miller, the key speakers included entrepreneur Matt Kingdon, co-founder of? What If! Innovation Company, which uses innovation energy to gain a competitive edge and Professor Paul Younger, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Engagement) Newcastle University.


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