1 Aug 2014

Science City supports world’s first commercially available remote bee hive monitoring company

Newcastle Science City supported Arnia Limited to help develop and grow the business through a funded business development research project in April 2014.

Arnia is the company responsible for developing the world’s first commercially available remote bee hive monitoring system.

The system allows beekeepers, scientists and researchers to monitor a whole host of activity relating to bees, with the ability to monitor the status of bee colonies remotely, from any internet enabled device.

Newcastle Science City funded the business development project which enabled Arnia to approach a number of research institutions, resulting in a number of product sales.

Arnia was the brain child of Founder Huw Evans, an electronic engineer by trade, who had a passion for bee keeping. This turned into a career following an idea he had to create a remote bee hive monitoring system. Since then the idea has evolved into the advanced technology that the company uses today.

In July 2014 the technology featured in a two-part BBC2 documentary, Hive Alive, in which presenter Chris Packham, of Springwatch fame, put the very latest scientific findings about bees to the test using Arnia’s technology to reveal the mysteries of the honeybee.

Evans said: “The support that we received from Newcastle Science City has led to a number of introductions to key research institutions and most excitingly, the prospect of some potential research collaborations which could roll out wider-scale bee hive monitoring, similar to that seen in the BBC documentary.”

Arnia hopes to develop more system trials and collaborative research projects, collecting data for what is thought to be one of the largest databases of bee behaviour of any company in the world.

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