Education and Community Engagement

Our Education and Community Engagement activity will focus on nurturing and attracting people to work in and learn science, through the widespread promotion of participation and excellence in our schools, colleges and universities, which is central to the success of Newcastle as a Science City.

There is a need to develop a cultural change towards science, technology engineering and maths (STEM) subjects and careers, and it is vital that young people and their influencers (parents, teachers, peers) all realise the opportunities that exist for those with STEM qualifications, and are aware of the wide range of exciting and interesting long-term STEM related careers that are available.

Our team have recently launched a Careers Booklet, aimed at encouraging people of all ages and capabilities to study STEM subjects so that they can take advantage of these employment opportunities. The booklet highlights some real-life stories of how studying STEM subjects have led other people into jobs as diverse as computer game design for Xbox, the testing of James Bond’s favourite Aston Martins, and the protection of the British forces across the world through complex communication systems.

We are committed to improving young people’s participation and attainment rates in science and technology subjects in secondary and further education, and aim to break down barriers between science and the wider community, so that everyone in Newcastle and across the region can benefit.

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