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Helping North East companies become ‘Europe-ready’ and pooling world-class knowledge to help launch new products and services.

These are the latest services being offered to the business community by Newcastle Science City’s business support team.

Read on to find out how European funding expert Stuart Jackson is using his experience of working in Brussels to benefit the North East and how our new ‘Business Opportunities’ programme is sparking new ideas to meet commercial needs that research has shown to exist.

World-class knowledge pooled to inspire new business opportunities

Newcastle Science City is pooling the city’s world-class scientific research to help launch new North East products and services.

The ‘Business Opportunities’ programme is designed to provide entrepreneurs and innovative companies with in-depth knowledge of specific market opportunities.

These commercial opportunities, which have already been identified by experts in their field, address real-life challenges impacting on social and corporate issues in the areas of ageing & health and sustainability.

During a series of briefing sessions, the Newcastle Science City business support team will use ‘opportunity canvases’ to paint a picture of each commercial opportunity to the business community. This unique insight provides a ready-made needs analysis to help accelerate the process of bringing a product to market.

Businesses inspired to develop ideas sparked by the sessions will then be offered support to take them forward. Companies with existing ideas, meanwhile, can test them against the specific market knowledge that has been collated.

EU funding is a genuine option for the region’s businesses

With adverts in the media urging companies to take advantage of face-to face business advice before it goes, it can’t have escaped the notice of businesspeople that the government has cut many of the domestic funding streams available to firms in the North East. There is one avenue that remains open, however, and it’s an option that has been largely ignored by UK businesses.

European Union (EU) funding is a source of business investment and support that has often been overlooked because it was seen as complex and hard to secure in comparison to UK government alternatives. Now that these have been scaled back, it’s time to look again at what’s available, which is why Newcastle Science City has teamed up with Teesside University and the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) to bolster the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) with the appointment of project manager Stuart Jackson.

The science of our business support

Helping North East businesses identify European funding streams and exploit commercial opportunities already identified in the fields of sustainability and ageing & health are just the latest services offered by our business support team.

The team has been developed with a single-minded objective – to accelerate business ideas with high growth potential. The team’s business knowledge combined with its unique access to university expertise makes Newcastle Science City the first port of call for businesses looking to exploit opportunities and develop ideas.

The team has decades of combined business experience in organisations of between 1 and 100,000 people, across various sectors and on five continents. The common thread through all of this experience is in the development and launch of new products and services.

Here’s one we prepared earlier

Recycling expert Daniel O’Connor is one of the latest North East entrepreneurs to have taken his business to market with the help of Newcastle Science City’s business support team.

The professional waste management officer was inspired to develop after witnessing the vast quantities of useable items of furniture and equipment that are regularly consigned to the skip by employees of large organisations.

Applying the principles of websites such as ebay and Freecycle, he designed an internal web-based system allowing users to donate, sell and rent unwanted items inside their own organisation and beyond – saving money on new purchases, freeing up space, avoiding carbon emissions and diverting waste from landfill.

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