Paul Walker
Chairman, Newcastle Science City
Science Highlights

Work is underway to develop a crucial new service for businesses and entrepreneurs based at Newcastle City Library and we need your help to guarantee its success.

Please come along to the library on Monday, September 5th from 6pm to 8pm to find out how Newcastle could become the first city outside of London to boast a Business and IP Centre, aimed at helping people launch new businesses and helping current businesses to grow.

On the night we’ll be launching an exciting series of events, workshops and coaching sessions entitled the Science of Success which will act as a pilot for a potential new centre. We want to use this exciting opportunity to prove to organisers that Newcastle is the ideal location for the first of these unique regional business information hubs.

Find out more about the launch event below and make sure you reserve your place at

Newcastle aims to score regional first

Newcastle City Council, the universities of Newcastle and Northumbria, and Newcastle Science City are running a campaign to bring the first regional Business and IP Centre to Newcastle.

To demonstrate the business community’s need for this facility they have developed a series of events entitled Science of Success which begins to position Newcastle City Library, with its existing business information and intellectual provision, as an ideal location for business support.

The British Library is planning to roll out a national network of regional hubs, following the success of its original centre in London. The Science of Success series is designed to help convince organisers that Newcastle is the ideal location for the first of these hubs.

The business community is now urged to get behind the campaign by coming along to Newcastle City Library at New Bridge Street West on 5th September from 6pm to 8pm to find out more about the plans and the launch of the event series.

By championing this cause together, campaigners aim to show how the development of a business hub in Newcastle can accelerate the region’s economy.

Dragon’s Den success story Solvej Biddle will be headlining the official launch event, alongside organisers of the campaign.

Science summer school figures highly with North East students

Dedicated students who resisted the urge to kick back and relax in the first days of their holidays have benefited from a ground-breaking scientific summer school which has helped them get ahead in their studies.

Newcastle Science City joined forces with Newcastle University’s Institute of Genetic Medicine, based at the Centre for Life, and the Bioinformatics Support Unit to host one of the country’s first bioinformatics summer school, sponsored by healthcare leaders MSD.

The three-day event was aimed at highlighting the exciting and varied research careers in the field of life sciences and provide an introduction to bioinformatics – the application of computer science and information technology in the field of biology – and is part of work to ensure Newcastle retains its enviable position within the knowledge economy.

The summer school was also part of a programme of activity by Newcastle Science City specifically targeted at improving the maths skills of A-level students who are currently studying maths, physics and biology.

How we can help accelerate your business

Newcastle Science City’s business support team has been developed with a single-minded objective – to accelerate business ideas with high growth potential. The team’s business knowledge combined with its unique access to university expertise makes Newcastle Science City the first port of call for businesses looking to exploit opportunities and develop ideas.

The team has decades of combined business experience in organisations of between 1 and 100,000 people, across various sectors and on five continents. The common thread through all of this experience is in the development and launch of new products and services.

The team has used this experience of what it takes to get a new product to market and used it to create a model for business development. By combining this model with public funding, it is able to offer a route to commercial success for business ideas.

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