Peter Arnold
CEO of Newcastle Science City
Science Highlights

Since our last update, the city region has received further unsettling economic news in the form of confirmation of One North East’s replacement, and a Budget that represents the tip of the spending cuts iceberg, ahead of autumn’s Comprehensive Spending Review.

To echo Paul Walker’s thoughts from last month, however, the North East’s science and technology sector has every reason to remain confident and pragmatic, provided we commit to meaningful collaboration. Whether we’re joining forces to exploit market opportunities, or influencing national policy on decisions that directly affect our capacity for growth, North East England must now raise its head higher, in order to be seen from a greater distance.

It is evident from our world-class expertise in the sustainability, stem cells and ageing and health sectors, that businesses grounded in science and technology are among the region’s greatest hope for safeguarding jobs and attracting investment. Those competencies must now be clearly set in the context of building UK plc’s ability to compete on an international scale.

It is extremely encouraging to report that Newcastle Science City is seeing a real increase in the number of North East based creative and commercially astute entrepreneurs who want to turn a product or service into a successful business, and proves that innovation is not stifled in tough times.

A great example of our capacity for innovation is Sedgefield based Kromek and I’m delighted that chief executive Arnab Basu has offered to contribute his thoughts to this month’s update.

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Newcastle Innovation Machine launches Adtronik

This month saw the launch of Adtronik, adding to the growing list of Newcastle Science City start-ups, born out of its Innovation Machine. Adtronik specialises in online contextual advertising, and is one of the world’s first in-image advertising services.

The company is the brain-child of Pradeep Raman, one of NIM’s team of Innovation Managers, who spotted the opportunity to create advertising revenue via images on the web. The service already has a number of clients signed up in the travel sector – one of the most promising markets due to its use of imagery to encourage purchases online.

Every1 Limited launches with Newcastle Science City support

A regional company specialising in interactive software to improve student inclusion launched last month, having received business development support from Newcastle Science City.

Its first product, Every1Speaks, is an online platform for promoting student voice in schools, a topic high on the local authority education agenda. The product is designed to be visually stimulating, to help break down barriers between students and teachers, and communicate ideas and opinions more openly and effectively.

Changing Age

During June, Newcastle University’s Charter for Changing Age passed the 1,000 member mark, of which 31 are MPs. Newcastle University has one of the largest academic institutes in the world studying ageing. The aim of the Charter is to draw the UK’s, and other societies’ attention to the key issue of a rapidly ageing population and to challenge the negative attitudes around older people.

The Newcastle Charter for Changing Age, (for the full text see the website), asserts that increased life spans represent one of humanity’s greatest achievements offering huge opportunities and benefits as well as challenges.

Arnab Basu
Co-founder and CEO of Kromek
Kromek Spotlight

This month Arnab Basu, co-founder and CEO of Kromek, provides his view on the challenges ahead for the region’s science and technology sector.

The overall science and technology sector in the UK is currently at a critical juncture – one that in many ways we may feel we have little control over, as vital decisions over R&D funding will be taken by politicians. We must now ask ourselves, how can we influence these decision-makers and what are the consequences of not doing so?

As chief executive of Kromek, I am keen to see our region start to bang the drum harder and louder for vital shifts in policy which will enable UK based science and technology companies to achieve global status.

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