The support process

Newcastle Science City’s dedicated business support team will work with you to identify a bespoke support package to help you to develop your business idea. 

Not only do we assist businesses that fit within Newcastle’s areas of scientific excellence: ageing & health; stem cell & regenerative medicine; and sustainability, we also support innovative businesses whose ideas fit the following criteria:

  • Ideas targeted at an unmet customer need, identified through personal insight into a market
  • Ideas that apply low risk, well known technology in an innovative way to do things differently
  • Scalable ideas that can reach large markets with little additional cost following initial development.

The business support team will work with you to ensure that you are eligible for assistance from Newcastle Science City and to identify where support is required, we do this by:  

  1. Confidentially discussing your ideas and identify how it fits with the market opportunity
  2. Assess your idea against the Newcastle Science City Innovation Machine business model
  3. Look at areas that require further work to turn the idea into a trading business.  

Our team will pull together a bespoke support package that could include mentoring and advice, alongside direct services such as: market research; fundraising; prototyping; legal work; and sales support.

There is no formal application process for support from Newcastle Science City, however, support packages for each individual project are assessed internally and work can not start on a project until it has been approved by the wider team.

In the event that we are not in a position to support your business, we always aim to help companies establish the best business support route on offer, by working closely with other business support providers across the region, such as Business Link, Entrust etc.