25 Jul 2014

Learning Labs launches mind boggling campaign

South Tyneside-based online learning technology company, Learning Labs, has launched a creative marketing campaign with the help of Newcastle Science City and PR and marketing consultancy, Karol Marketing.

Learning Labs, an online Assistive Technologies learning solution for students with learning difficulties, received funding from Newcastle Science City’s business support programme to carry out the marketing campaign.

The campaign was developed to encourage assessors, lecturers and teachers to engage with, and understand the needs of, students that have various learning difficulties.

Having appointed one of Newcastle Science City’s approved marketing services providers, Karol Marketing, Learning Labs launched a series of direct mailings using a range of optical illusions and mind challenging games, to promote its services to commissioners of learning services.

Lee Chambers, training services manager at Learning Labs, explained: “The mail shots have been cleverly designed to illustrate that people learn in different ways, through watching and listening, reading and hearing, or doing and experiencing.

“Learning Labs is designed to embrace these differences and allows users to learn in a way that suits them, through ‘how-to’ videos, plain text instructions and interactive tutorials. Our methods maximise student engagement and learning uptake.”

The campaign includes ‘Eye Test’ – a large poster set out in a similar way to an optician’s eye test. It features a message of jumbled up numbers and letters of varying complexity, which explains that no matter how you see things and what type of learner you are, Learning Labs can offer support.

Another concept was designed to illustrate that Learning Labs can help to fill any gap in your knowledge, through a triangular puzzle – seemingly with a piece missing. Once reversed and put back together, the missing piece is no longer there.

Learning Labs received funding to carry out the campaign as part of Newcastle Science City’s business support service.

Glen Kemp, business support manager at Newcastle Science City said: “Learning Labs already had its own brand, but wanted to carry out an awareness raising campaign for the brand that would be creative, clever and would serve as a talking point amongst potential customers.

“We commissioned Karol to come up with the campaign which has been a fantastic success, increasing the number of business enquiries, whilst also raising awareness of the strategic value of marketing in helping businesses to grow.”

Lee added: “We have been really pleased with both the business support provided by Newcastle Science City, which enabled us to benefit from specialist marketing services, and the work produced by Karol Marketing.

“The agency has helped us to come up with an innovative direct mail campaign to raise awareness of our services within the education and training sector. Interestingly enough, the team all had very different learning styles, which certainly helped in developing the diverse concepts.”

Stefan Lepkowski, managing director of Karol Marketing, said: “We have some incredibly forward-thinking and talented organisations right on our doorstep, and it’s a real privilege to play a role in helping businesses like Learning Labs to grow.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with them on such a fun and creative project. It really has been a collaborative process – the Learning Labs team contributed a number of great ideas, some of which we incorporated into the campaign, such as ‘What’s Your Flavour’ unusually-flavoured jelly beans.

“The whole campaign has been very well-received, which is a fantastic result for both teams at Karol Marketing and Learning Labs.”

To find out more about how Newcastle Science City can support businesses in developing and commercialising products, contact the business support team on 0191 208 4117.

Newcastle Science City is part financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), managed by the Department for Communities and Local Government, securing £2.3million of ERDF investment.

The ERDF Competitiveness Programme 2007-2013 is bringing over £300m into the North East to support innovation, enterprise and business support across the region.

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