Location – Ageing and Health

The Institute for Ageing and Health, recently awarded the prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize, is recognised across the world, as a leading centre of excellence for research into ageing.

The headquarters of the Institute is at the heart of the fast developing Campus for Ageing & Vitality, a partnership between Newcastle University and the Newcastle Hospitals NHS (Foundation) Trust. The Campus for Ageing & Vitality is already unique in its intimate co-location of clinical, biological and social research, including state-of-the-art instrumentation and research facilities.

This unqiueness will be extended further in 2011 by investment into integrated space for new clinics, laboratories and industrial partners, and in the next few years by the creation of novel linkages with the voluntary sector, technology and care industries, food and nutrition industries and retail.

Plans for the site include:

  • Food and Nutrition Centre which will support research and education to life-long nutrition and access to food to support vitality and independence
  • Assistive Technology Centre providing opportunities for businesses to engage with research and the public in the design of technologies to support healthy ageing and life-long independence
  • Teaching and Innovation Care Centre which through a partnership with Newcastle Hospitals NHS (Foundation) Trust and Newcastle and Northumbria Universities, will aspire to bring to Newcastle a world-class facility for teaching and innovation in care provision for older people
  • Engagement and Education Centre which will deliver teaching and training programmes, and support local community activities.

To find out more about working with Newcastle University’s Institute for Ageing & Health contact Mike Morgan, business development manager at [email protected]