Advertising Campaign

2008 has seen the launch of a new advertising campaign for Newcastle Science City.

The idea behind the campaign is to show how Newcastle is bringing together scientists, their research and first class facilities in one place – Newcastle – demonstrating that Newcastle is a 21st century Science City of the future for the benefit of everyone.

The campaign uses all four science themes and a simple formula has been adopted to explain in easily understood words what science actually ‘Means’. All of our advertisements focus on a direct benefit to people in real life situations, so no matter what your level of knowledge, you can appreciate the true worth of scientific advances.

Case Study 1

Mine Water Treatment Developed in Newcastle Used Globally
Scientists in Newcastle…

Case Study 2

Newcastle Science City Delivering Practical Benefits for Ageing Population

Case Study 3

Answer to Energy Problems Under Our Feet
Using alternative renewable energy sources…

Welcome to the future

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Further Information

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