As well as being part of a National initiative, Newcastle Science City also plays a role in a wider European context.

By participating in European programmes and networks, Newcastle Science City will contribute to the Lisbon Agenda set out by the European Commission (not Council) in 2000. The Lisbon Agenda broadly aims to “make Europe, by 2010, the most competitive and the most dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world”.

The Lisbon Strategy is heavily based on encouraging:-

  • Innovation as the motor for economic change
  • The learning economy; and
  • Social and environmental renewal

The European Commission projects and programmes constitute a major opportunity for Newcastle Science City. The new €50 billion Seventh Research Framework Programme, the upcoming European Regional Development Fund programme for 2008-2013 and INTERREG, all focus on research, innovation, business and education. As well as being a source of funding these are also an opportunity to:

  • Work with international partners
  • Access best practice and intelligence
  • Influence future policy, strategy and projects
  • Raise awareness and profile of the Newcastle Science City project

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