29 Sep 2012

Mobile Patient Notes recruits Science City business support team to help launch new product

Newcastle Science City started working with Ben Snook when his concept for Mobile Patient Notes was just an idea on paper.

The support provided has allowed him to develop this idea into a fully working product and launch his business.

Ben hit upon the idea of developing a new, faster way for clinicians to manage their patient notes while studying sports rehabilitation at university in 2001.

He progressed the idea while working as a sports rehabilitator within sports clubs across the country and experiencing the challenges faced by practitioners on a daily basis.

Now, after recruiting the expertise of the business support team at Newcastle Science City, he has developed the concept into a new piece of software called Mobile Patient Notes. A beta version of the tablet application has been released for Android with the full version and iPad app expected later this year.

The software has been designed to reduce the amount of time clinicians spend recording the notes they take when assessing patients, to simplify the way they do it and in doing so, allow more time for patient interaction. Unlike other text-based software currently on the market, Mobile Patient Notes is based on an intuitive design using simple sliders, scroll bars and drop down boxes to record assessments quickly and easily.

This information is then stored on MPN’s secure, encrypted data servers and can be accessed from any tablet via the web-based server using the practitioner’s security password.

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