The Masterplan

Development of the Masterplan has been an iterative process that has been informed through extensive consultations and discussions with stakeholders and the wider community at every stage. Completion of the Masterplan is due in Summer 2008. An outline planning application will then start to be prepared for the entire development, as well as a more detailed planning application for Phase 1.



Phase 1 of the development will incorporate:

  • Translational Research Institutes (Stem cells/Drug Discovery/Electronics & Sensors)
  • Specialist Business Support Services Hub
  • Newcastle College School of Applied Science
  • Accommodation (family housing /student accommodation
  • Ground floor retail & leisure

In terms of the vision for the overall site, we have broken areas down into different character zones that seek to enrich the site, preventing a monotonous ‘campus’ character from emerging. The range of characters are formed and expressed through varying land use, development density and open space and building forms, and will essentially define the look and feel of strong separate character areas within the whole site. The essence of these characters is described as follows:

  • Facing the City: this area will be the commercial face of Science Central, for a mixture of commercial and science related activities, and a new city space marking the entrance to the site
  • Science at the Heart: the heart of Science Central, predominately science related research and commercial spin out companies, carefully located to enliven key spaces and through routes
  • Living among Science: the living component of Science Central, independent from but instrinsically linked to specialist occupiers, housing researchers, visiting specialist as well as under and post graduate students
  • Living in the City: providing a high quality, family focussed living environment, with townhouses and city living apartments. 

These areas are carefully composed both to manage the transition from city centre to residential suburb, and tie the science ‘heart’ sensitively into neighbouring areas such as residential communities, and the commercial/retail core of the city centre.

Science Central will also seek to use alternative energy from renewable sources to become an exemplar of sustainable development. A broad approach will be adopted, rather than just concentrating on building energy use. Consequently, Science Central will reduce the development’s total carbon footprint by considering other elements such as car-free zones and geothermal sources.

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