17 Feb 2014

Science City supports Heatgen Limited to forge international deal

Newcastle Science City helped Heatgen Ltd to develop an international partnership which, it is hoped, will allow the company to develop a new product with a specialist French company.

North East-based Heatgen Limited is an SME which specialises in engineering solutions for the energy sector. The company has designed an innovative combined heat and power system which uses a free-piston engine to generate heat and power based partly on technology developed by German company, Junkers.

Using its links with the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) to help small companies make the most of business opportunities in the European Union, Newcastle Science City was able to help Heatgen to broker a relationship with French company, Stella Mare.

Based in the south west of France, Stella Mare specialises in high pressure compressors which Heatgen believed with some specific modifications, could be developed into a hydraulic compressor powered by gas. The result would be an engine that was more environmentally friendly as well as more efficient.

Science City contacted members of the EEN based near Stella Mare to help facilitate an introduction. Through the regional chamber of commerce in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, a relationship was struck with Stella Mare who agreed to meet Heatgen to discuss the idea in more detail.

Thanks to the regional chamber of commerce in Toulon (CCIT du Vars), EEN was able to contact an engineer from Quebec based at a nearby organisation (L’IRA) to provide the technical translation services needed for each company to communicate effectively with each other. A translation proposal was accepted and subsequent meetings between Heatgen and Stella Mare led to the signing a confidentiality agreement.

The partnership that has resulted from Newcastle Science City’s support has led to a project to develop a prototype using the Stella Mare compressor together with Heatgen technology. The aim is to reach a joint licence agreement once the new product has been developed.

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