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Creating a collaborative culture

Newcastle Science City works to encourage collaborative culture across the region bringing together scientific research and development and creating an attractive proposition for would-be investors and business people looking to start their own companies.

What makes Newcastle work as a Science City is the commitment shown by everyone involved. Not only have the main partners worked hard to make the dream a reality but the involvement of businesses, universities, businesses, schools, colleges and communities has also been crucial.

The work – which is creating a common “science citizenship” – is aimed at deepening understanding, achieving breakthroughs, attracting investment and creating jobs.

As a result, Newcastle and the wider North East region is competing not just on a national level but globally as well.

First Fridays North East

One way in which Newcastle Science City is encouraging collaboration across Newcastle and the wider region, is through the First Friday series of events. Taking place on the first friday of ever month, First Fridays North East is an informal forum to discuss innovation and entrepreneurship.

Aimed at innovation scouts, financiers, entrepreneurs, designers, scientists, and some budding business developers, it is the perfect environment to talk about new ideas, opportunties, experiences and business insights.

To find out more visit our events section.

Attraction of talented people and funding into the region’s universities

Having Science City status has already helped the university to attract academics, students and importantly funding across its core science themes, helping it to elevate its status as a leader in themes such as Ageing and Health and Energy and the Environment.

It has enabled the university to forge a tangible connection through its stronger relationship with the city council and all its social enterprise connections completely in line with the civic agenda of the university.

A direct connection through the streams of activity at NSC has led to more immediate innovation, education, and science enterprise, and the science central potential. In essence this has improved visibility of the University’s stronger science on a global landscape.

Scientia – celebrating scientific achievement

The story of Newcastle Science City and its many partners was outlined in the Scientia conference, staged towards the end of 2008. More than 170 of Newcastle’s leading scientists attended the inaugural Scientia08 science conference at St James Park.

It was the first step is an initiative to pull together all of the fantastic science occurring in and around Newcastle. Information came from across the city, from industry, from universities, schools and colleges.

The event was part of our attempts to map the range of science in Newcastle in order to attract the right investment and partnerships. This ultimately will lead to international partnerships and private-public collaborations. Over the next few years we will be running a number of Scientia activities to continue our science road mapping.

Scientia 08 – The Book

Scientia 08 was supported by the production of a book. The information in the Scientia 08 Book shows graphically what a vibrant, creative and diverse science community existis in Newcastle.

Peter Arnold, chief executive, Newcastle Science City, said: “This unique book will let major companies see at a glance what is ‘for sale’ here and what it will do for society, so they can also see potential markets.” Please click to view our Scientia book