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In 2005, the three Newcastle Science City core partners purchased the former Scottish & Newcastle Brewery site. The 19 acre Science Central project, in a prestigious central location in the city, has become a credit-worthy mark of commitment amongst the partnership.

Through the ambitions and commitment of our three existing Partners, Science Central is positioned to become a unique mixing bed of scientific application and a geographical centre of gravity between scientific institutions in Newcastle and is also designed to encourage interactions of scientists from different organisational realms.

This ambition, to create a unique productive mixing environment appears to solve notorious criticisms of most existing science parks and incubators.  It strives to create an environment that places innovation at the core, creates large company connections and aims to create experimental areas to encourage and nurture innovation. Located close to the main shopping area of Newcastle this will be a place for the community to frequent, with residential housing, office space, dining and cafeteria areas, and attractive public spaces, open to people to walk through for lunch and in the evenings, and in doing so, they will be adjacent to and ale to see people working in scientific laboratories, incubators and small businesses.

The existing masterplan proposal illustrates how the site creates space to drive networking, bridging the innovation gap by connecting with the city, with business and technology entrepreneurs, and focussed on the Science City Themes.  These activities are planned to be integrated in every sense in the regeneration of this new City Centre quarter which will contain significant new commercial, leisure and retail investment bridging the City Centre to its residential neighbourhoods. It addresses civic responsibilities well.

In total, and including private sector investment, Science Central represents approximately £700m investment.

The proposal in this investment plan aims at delivering all the activities required to start building on the site in 2011/12. This includes the set up of an experienced team, with excellent and expert architectural input, and a public private partnership, the development of an outline planning application, the development of an infrastructure and investment plan and a site wide energy masterplan. It also proposes a number of strategic interim uses in partnership with other stakeholders such as Newcastle College and the Newcastle Gateshead Initiative.

Although Science Central constitutes the core of the existing partnership’s capital investment, the masterplan for the site has taken into consideration other strategic locations in Newcastle that integrate science, business and local communities. These sites currently include the General Hospital, Newcastle University campus and the International Centre for Life. This investment plan includes a number of capital projects that will play a strategic role in delivering the NSC vision within the next few years prior to main building on the Science Central site. Many of these projects will build the capacity for a transition to Science Central building up global recognition and critical mass.

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