Science Education Innovation Partnership

In an attempt to make science more interesting, secondary schools across Newcastle, with a special interest in STEM related subjects have come together, along with a representative from the Local Authority to form a Science Education Innovation Partnership (SEIP). The Newcastle SEIP has developed an Action Plan which is specific to their individual local needs, and which will enhance the curriculum to make it more exciting, support teachers with continuing professional development, and showcase the wide range of jobs which are available to people with STEM qualifications.
Over the last year the Newcastle SEIP has enabled young people from all over Newcastle to learn about science, and learn how they can play a part in Newcastle as a Science City.

Anne Davies, Secondary Schools Science Consultant with Newcastle City Council has been co-ordinating the project. She said: “Schools have grasped with both hands the opportunity to be more imaginative in how they teach all the sciences. Our core funding to this project has enabled schools to give more time to extra curricular activities such as scientific discussion cafes, parent and pupil science clubs, and also to develop closer links with universities and businesses. All of these initiatives have already paid dividends in terms of increasing pupil interest in science”.

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