Six Science Cities

Newcastle is one of six English cities designated as a Science City by Gordon Brown in December 2004, Chancellor of the Exchequer at that time. These are Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and York. Collectively these have formed a national Science Cities Development Group. The aims and objectives of the group are:-

  • To develop and promote the Science Cities so they become internationally recognised as vibrant knowledge based centres of excellence.
  • To share experience in developing and implementing plans for Science Cities.
  • To build an evidence base of projects (demonstrating the implementation of best practice and nature/scale of impact) contributing to the delivery of Science City objectives.
  • To advise and influence proactively all parts of central, regional and local government and its agencies, including the funding and research councils to secure support for the development of Science Cities.
  • To review and engage proactively in joint projects to contribute to mobilising Science Cities in support of national objectives (e.g. inward investment).
  • To provide a cohesive united body with a strong voice for innovation and technology-based enterprise outside the South East of England.
  • To ensure that Science City activities are included in major economic and regeneration initiatives and linked to strategic plans of other relevant organisations.

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