Newcastle continues to be a city of science following in the footsteps of the pioneers in industry and medicine that has made us world renowned over the centuries.  The city and the wider region maintains scientific, engineering and now new digital strengths, it is home to global companies and ground breaking innovation. 

Today’s employers need an adaptable and progressively skilled workforce to enable their continued success, ensuring Newcastle’s move from its traditional industrial past to our current green and knowledge economy and enabling its future growth.

Newcastle Science City are working with science, IT and engineering employers across the region and beyond to understand current and future career opportunities and the skills employees will need to have.   This research also highlights all of the jobs that are needed to make companies successful, this includes a wide range of jobs, not all of them are specialist, technical or science related.

We are producing eBooks for citizens of all ages to share everything we’ve learned and to highlight the prospects that are open to all, which will be available in the new year.

In the meantime if you require any further information please contact Sam Dunnett 0191 211 3013.