The Centre for Life

The work in this important areas of science is built around the expertise in place at The International Centre for Life (ICfL) a vibrant science village, situated next to Newcastle’s Central train station, and employing around 500 people, drawn for 30 countries.

The work undertaken at the ICfL is wide ranging and the centre is unique in that it has brought to together a group of science activities that would not normally sit alongside each other including; clinical research, genetic diseases and stem cell research, as well as the large science centre which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Scientists at the centre have been able to find new innovative ways to treat patients. They are also researching new technologies that can check the DNA of a person, revolutionising treatment of disease or stopping diseases from developing in the first instance. 

Find out more at The village includes a number of specialist units including the NHS’s Newcastle Fertility Clinic, the Institute of Human Genetics and the North East Stem Cell Insititute.