4 Dec 2012

Support for Innovation Workshop

Start: 30 Jan 2013 – 09:30
End: 30 Jan 2013 – 15:30
Venue: Business and IP Centre
Address: Newcastle City Library, Charles Avison Building, 33 New Bridge Street West, Newcastle NE1 8AX

Staying competitive and growing a business in today’s challenging trading conditions is tough.  However, a range of Government support and funding is available to help your business innovate and grow. Find out more at this free practical workshop for small and medium sized businesses with the appetite and potential to grow.

The focus will be on the importance of innovation to future success and how government schemes can help you develop, protect and commercialise new ideas. Subjects include:

Importance of Innovation

Mike Addison, innovation specialist and pioneer of Procter & Gamble’s open innovation programme, will describe how innovation is vital for growth. In particular, P&G’s approach to open innovation could be reused in your business for sourcing and commercialising new ideas.

Support for Innovation

Covering grants and other support for R&D through the Technology Strategy Board and the R&D Tax Credit scheme run by HMRC.

Protecting Your Innovation

Covering support from the Intellectual Property Office to protect your IP and how schemes like Patent Box can make it much more cost effective to innovate.

Commercialising Your Innovation

Including support from the Design Council to enhance product value through design and how Growth Accelerator can support your business growth.

Register for the free workshop at www.business-events.org.uk.

This is a Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) workshop, hosted by the Business & IP Centre, Newcastle City Library. The Centre is designed to support entrepreneurs, inventors and small businesses from that first spark of inspiration to successfully launching and developing a business. It is the first regional centre based on the British Library’s model and has been running since September 2011. Since the launch, over 2,000 entrepreneurs have used the Centre.

The Centre is a partnership between the British Library, Newcastle City Council, Newcastle Science City and Northumbria University.

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