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Sustainability can be summarised as: “Enough, for all, forever.” It’s all about finding more efficient and less environmentally damaging ways to provide the essential resources – such as food, water, heating and electricity – that are needed across the world.

There can be very few people in the developed world that do not recognise the imperative for something to be done about the unsustainable lifestyle we now lead. However, given the complexity of technology, the intricacies of modern society and the reality of human nature, there are also very few who know what that something should be.

Newcastle University has expertise in fields such as transport, energy and clean industrial production.

Newcastle University, as a leader of creative thinking and technology, is grasping this challenge and endeavours to find solutions and actions with profound and lasting impacts. It has established the Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability (NIReS) on the main university campus, and it is envisaged that the Institute will be expanded on the new Science Central development – creating an exciting new hub for sustainability.

Drawing on world-leading expertise in fields such as transport, energy and clean industrial production, the University is committed to helping improve people’s lives, for example through changes to the way we travel, improvements in the way we handle water and waste, and helping us to become more energy efficient.

Find out more about NIReS

Sustainability key facts

  • Newcastle University is world-leading in fuel cell research
  • Dyson has a research base at Newcastle University
  • Newcastle University is home to Europe’s leading transport technology research centre, at the forefront of research into sustainable rail, road and marine transport
  • The North East’s energy sector is worth around £900m, employs around 30,000 people and more than £6m is being invested in novel energy projects
  • 2009 saw the mass production of electric cars in the UK begin at Nissan including a new electric battery plant, the initial research in these areas was driven by Newcastle University
  • North East England is a key player in the largest programme of real-world trials of electric vehicles
  • Newcastle was named the UK’s most sustainable city in Forum for the Future’s annual Sustainable Cities Index for the second year running in 2011

The Science City team can help you gain access to the very latest research in the area of sustainability and introduce you to key people working in this area at Newcastle University.

We are also leading on the Science Central development, the scientific focus of which will be sustainable sciences. Find out more about Science Central here.

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