17 Dec 2014

Telemedicine platform forges international partnership


Newcastle Science City and the Enterprise Europe Network have helped telemedicine company, Heridian, to forge a research partnership with Spanish company Fundación INTRAS, to further the development of an innovative assistive technology platform, designed to support care services for the elderly.

Following the creation of a new computer tablet designed to gather information about the health and happiness of elderly people, Heridian approached Newcastle Science City and the Enterprise Europe Network for help to forge links with social care providers as part of an Horizon2020 Active and Assisted Living project.

The project aimed to access funding in order for Heridian to carry out field trials of the product with the elderly, to capture diagnostic quality data which would help develop the product by analysing the needs of its elderly users.

The Enterprise Europe Network worked with Heridian to develop and publish a profile on a European partnership opportunities database, sharing the profile extensively with a number of contacts, as well as posting it on a variety of country forums.

Having seen the profile, the Agencia de Innovación, Financiación e Internationalización Empresarial (ADE) para las empresas de Castilla y León in Spain shared it, which resulted in several expressions of interest from a variety of organisations, including the Fundación INTRAS, a Spanish organisation responsible for R&D in a social care context.

The organisation was put in touch with Heridian and a partnership was struck. As a result of the intervention by Newcastle Science City and the Enterprise Europe Network, both organisations collaborated to submit an application to the Horizon2020 Active and Assisted Living project, which would see them jointly develop the Heridian technology.

Ray Broadbridge, Development Manager at Heridian said: “We found Enterprise Europe Network’s assistance immensely helpful in directing us to collaborative networks. Having an international partnership was the cornerstone of this proposal. We would not have had the first clue how to embark on this without their help.”

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