Who they are

Professor Dr Harry Bradbury

Dr Harry Bradbury is founder and chief Executive of Intelligent Energy, Britain’s premier company in fuel cell technology and hydrogen generation technologies. Harry founded the company in August 2001 after two years planning and personally raised around £30 million in equity financing, for technology development and corporate growth.

He has ten years’ experience in teaching and research in universities in the UK and USA and has worked in more than fifty countries worldwide for and on behalf of local companies and global corporations, including Shell, L’Oréal, Rolls Royce and Suez. Harry has also acted as advisor to ten national governments including that of the UK.

Professor Dr David Leahy

Dr David Leahy has over 20 year scientific experience in the bio and chemo-informatics applied to drug discovery. After working for world leaders such as AstraZeneca, David went on to form Cyprotex to pursue his ideas for improved technology for drug discovery.

Under David’s leadership Cyprotex grew and was eventually floated on the London Stock Exchange. David now acts independently of Cyprotex working with Universities and commercial organisations throughout Europe and the United States on developing new research programmes in the use of autonomous agent architectures for automation of molecular design processes.

Professor Dr Andrew Lyddiatt

Dr Andrew Lyddiatt has over 30 year scientific experience in biochemical engineering. With a PhD in molecular and cellular biology from Durham University, Andrew established a life-long fascination with the influence of molecular structural determinants upon production, purification and characterisation of macro and mega molecular assemblies. He pursued such interests in postdoctoral research on microbial, animal and human proteins at Trinity College Dublin, Imperial College and in the commercial environment of Cambridge Life Sciences on the Cambridge Science Park. He established the Biochemical Recovery Group at the University of Birmingham in 1985, and as Professor of Process Biotechnology subsequently directed the Birmingham Centre for Bioprocess Engineering. In February 2003, he joined Millipore Biopharmaceutical Division in county Durham and managed 25 R&D personnel in the UK and US to develop chromatographic media, related bio separation hardware and procedures for applications in biopharmaceutical manufacture.

Professor Peter Gore

Peter Gore has an Engineering Design Master degree from Loughborough University and has over 25 years experience in medical product design. In 1990 he became the Director of R&D and Quality for the BOC Group in Atlanta. In 1993, he founded and became the Managing Director of Cane & Able Ltd that specialised in assistive technology. In 2002, he founded ADL Smartcare Ltd to match people and technological solutions currently available.

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