The Triple Helix Approach

The Newcastle Science City Partnership brings together Newcastle University, Newcastle City Council, and One NorthEast. Its Chairman, Paul Walker, is Chief Executive of the Sage Group plc. As a result, Newcastle Science City is an example of the triple helix approach to economic development.

The triple helix model has been developed by a number of researchers including Professor Henry Etzkowitz, currently Chair in Management and Innovation and Newcastle University’s Business School.

According to Professor Etzkowitz, a triple helix regime typically begins as university, industry and government enter into a reciprocal relationship in which each attempts to enhance the performance of the other.

Each institutional sphere is thus more likely to become a creative source of innovation, and to support the emergence of creativity that arises in other organisations.

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Key Papers on the Triple Helix:

  • Etzkowitz, Dzisah, Zhou (2007) The Triple Helix model for innovation: the university-industry-government interaction, Asia Pacific Tech Monitor, 24
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  • Loet Leydesdorff, The triple Helix Model and the Study of Knowledge-based innovation systems
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  • O. Belkhodja and R. Landry (2007) The triple helix collaboration: why do researchers collaborate with industry and the government? What are the factors that influence the perceived barriers?, Scientometrics, Vol 70 No 2
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  • R. Viale and H. Etzkowitz, Third academic revolution: polyvalent knowledge; the DNA of the triple helix
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