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Programme Director

Job Purpose

To create a portfolio of science-based investments in Newcastle, through which the partnership will create most prosperity in the future. To identify, create and develop robust cases for funding an integrated portfolio of Newcastle-based research and enterprise activities, and source and support funding for these coordinated activities.

Main Duties

Reporting to the Chief Executive of Newcastle Science City, the Programme Director will develop a strategic approach to the ‘portfolio management’ services of Newcastle Science City, by identifying and aggregating science-related activities that offer potential to create prosperity in Newcastle. This individual will develop and implement these in a coordinated investment plan , seeking ways to develop support across the city, and new sources of finance for the programme.

The Programme Director will be the main point of contact for clarification of the strategic competitive advantage that will result from support for the portfolio by all science citizens, and management of the investment pipeline, and resultant liaison with public and private investors.

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