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Innovation Director

Job Purpose

Reporting to the Chief Executive of Newcastle Science City, the Innovation Director will create new science based enterprises using the unmet need led innovation process from innovation projects in and around Newcastle. Working within the Newcastle Innovation Machine team, this anthropological-insight-oriented individual will identify unmet need insights, and identify solutions, services, and resources, for each new enterprise.

Main Duties

The Innovation Director will develop and direct a new city-wide innovation enterprise for Newcastle Science City, in which Newcastle’s Innovators across the city, will be supported to create new enterprises based on a needs-led entrepreneurship.

Newcastle’s Innovators apply their knowledge from psychology, anthropology, ergonomics, and related fields to identify unmet needs in existing behaviours, and identify technologies, products, designs, scientific inventions, processes, and other solutions that enhance people’s experience; employing a range of observational and empathic techniques to understand the issues people face. Working with the Business Development personnel, the Innovation Managers then create storyboards to show how the solutions will work, identify the levers of value and compelling value propositions and business models around the solutions, and as interdisciplinary team members, they identify elements of new businesses. They use this knowledge to frame design opportunities and to create scenarios and “experiential prototypes” to explore, test, and refine opportunities in context. At this point a financial model is created to support a business case. Working with the Business Development personnel, innovators create these cases, begin to put everything in place for a successful business to start, and argue the case for support.

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