What we do

“Our ambition is to lead the way in fuelling economic growth by identifying commercial opportunities around science and developing lasting links between business, science, technology and innovation.”       

                  Peter Arnold, CEO, NSC

In April 2009, the three partners behind the Newcastle Science City vision came together to establish Newcastle Science Company Ltd. This small team is tasked with taking forward the city’s ambitious plans.

Based at Time Central in the heart of the city, the Newcastle Science Company aims to capitalise on cutting-edge scientific research for the economic and social benefit of Newcastle and the surrounding region.

The team work with partners across the region to achieve three key objectives;

– To position Newcastle at a global level as a city synonymous with science excellence, particularly in the areas of Ageing & Health, Sustainability and Stem Cell Technology.

– To support the drive to create more high value science-based businesses and support existing companies to innovate and grow.

– To work closely with the local community, particularly young people, to ensure they can
play their part in the development of science in and around Newcastle.

To achieve this Newcastle Science City has developed five key strands of work.


A unique concept in the UK, the NIM will create high growth businesses through the discovery of ‘insights’ into unmet needs across society. Powered by a team of innovation and business experts, solutions will be found to everyday problems and businesses created to satisfy that need.


Newcastle University is known across the world as a leading research institution, with many of the departments acheiving a 5 or 5* Research Assessment Evaluation (RAE). We will work with these leading academics to create new science-based businesses, which arise as a result of technology being developed within the university.


Newcastle is building a world-class suite of science facilities which are attracting leading researchers from around the world and enabling the city to build upon the pioneering work being developed. Examples of this include; Newcastle & Northumbria University, three NHS hospital sites, The Newcastle General, The Royal Victoria Infirmary and The Freeman Hospital, The Centre for Ageing & Health, based at the Newcastle General as well as the International Centre for Life based in the centre of the city.


Collaborative networks both regionally, nationally and internationally are key to the region’s success. The team at Science City will identify opportunities for better connections to be made across the region, enabling people from a range of industries and sectors to come together and enable an innovation ecosystem to be created.


Newcastle Science City’s vision is to make the area a thriving community of scientists, researchers and science entrepreneurs. This critical programme will give both adults and young people opportunities to be involved in science activities and turn their ideas into projects that can improve their neighbourhoods and encourage then to study science, train in scientfic skills and find jobs.